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Emily Cohen is a New York area based makeup artist. She found that from an early age, it was always easier for her to express herself and ideas through visual art. Being able to portray on paper what was in her head helped her express herself to the fullest, and understand the inner workings of her creative mind. One artistic path that she pursued early on was makeup. Having acne at a young age, Emily used youtube to try and understand how to apply foundation and concealer, then learned what blush and bronzer were, then came eyeshadow, and with the more she learned the more she fell in love with the medium. At first it was a way to cover up her insecurities, but soon became a way of self expression, and something that brought her confidence and happiness like nothing else. 

Emily’s affinity to the arts led her to attend Penn State University where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus in drawing and painting. She found an intense love for sculpture during her time there, and created a body of work that explored themes of texture, form, size and color. It was being around so many other creatives and people of different backgrounds that made her fall in love with the art world as a whole. Exploring self expression through different art forms, regardless of sex, race, gender, age, religion etc. became a passion that followed and only grew stronger after graduation. 

Stuck in a pandemic, Emily focused on honing her makeup artistry skills, and ultimately made the decision to pursue a formal education at Makeup Designory (MUD) in New York City, completing the Multimedia program. During her time at MUD, she had the opportunity to design makeup for a series of beauty and fashion photo-shoots and designed a range of characters. She has worked on several beauty and fashion shoots with a range of upcoming photographers and models.

She looks to continue evolving and growing in her craft, and hopes to work with many more photographers to bring to life even more budding ideas. Emily hopes to always keep that intense inspiration and happiness she had when she was young, and to always bring that creative energy into her future work.

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